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Tig Notaro to release her Largo set via Louis CK’s website

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"But I still did the show and, honestly, I thought, “This is gonna be the worst show ever. I’m about to walk out onstage and tell them horrendous stuff.” But I knew that I had Louis CK coming out to close the show, in case my set was just the worst thing anyone’s ever heard. I can bring Louis CK out to make everyone forget that I was even ever up there. And that night before my show I was taking a shower and I thought, “How am I gonna get into all of this material?” And I pictured myself going out onstage saying, “Hey everybody you know, heads up I’ve had a weird few months so this is gonna be kind of a… not very traditional show of mine, just bear with me.” And then I was like “That is so lame I cannot start a show like that. And one side of my brain was, like, “Oh my gosh, what if you walked out onstage and started waving to everyone, saying, ‘Hi, I have cancer thanks for coming! I have cancer! How is everyone doing? I have cancer!’” And then I just started laughing so hard. And then the more time went on I kept laughing about that idea and then I was like, “I have to do that."

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